Oxygen is
back in 2023!

15–18 August, 2023
StayKCC, Katoomba

Registrations open now!

Hear God speak

A quiet, focused space to hear God speak.

Enjoy rich fellowship

Rich fellowship with others in Christian ministry.

Be reshaped practically

Aims to help reshape you at a practical level.

A conference retreat for anyone in Christian Ministry


Reshaping Our Hearts
for the Work We Do.

Our heart, the Bible tells us, is the centre of our being. Everything in our lives flows from it. Including your ministry.

From the “shape” of your heart flows the “shape” of your ministry – and is your heart, and your ministry, the “shape” that God wants it to be?

When we’re engaged in Christian ministry, our hearts can be reduced, by all kinds of pressures, into something less than what God wants them to be.

So our “doing” for God comes from some other place than our “being with” God. And even if we don’t realise that’s happening to us, sooner or later it will show.

It is crucial then, to have God cultivate and nurture our hearts so that, like Christ Himself and the Apostle Paul, our ministry is the overflow of our lives.

That is what this Oxygen — a conference-retreat — has been created for.

It will give you a quiet, focused space to hear God speak.
It will provide you with rich fellowship.
It will be practical.
It will allow you time for recreation, reflection and rest.
It will encourage you, refresh you and remind you of the heart of your calling.

Whatever stream of Christianity you are from, and whatever role you play, this conference retreat is for you.

Come and have your heart re-shaped and revived and return with a renewed passion for the work that God has called you to do.

If you’re part of a team, bring them too!

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Zack Eswine

And more to come!

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Power to Change Australia , formerly Campus Crusade for Christ, equips everyday Christians and churches to connect people to Jesus and each other, build them in their relationship with Him, and then send them to do the same. Our desire is to see a Jesus-centred community within reach of every person.


For over 100 years Bush Church Aid have placed gifted Christians in rural, remote and regional Australia to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Mission Australia is a national Christian charity that stands together with Australians in need, until they can stand for themselves.


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