Help us at Oxygen

Volunteer with Us!

We would love to hear from you if you are able to help at Oxygen!

Oxygen doesn’t happen without a large team of volunteers in a variety of roles. Check them out below.

Application Process

1. Requirements

To volunteer you must be:

A committed Christian and agree to the KCC Code of Conduct

Over 18 or attending with an adult

Happy to serve and work with others in a team environment.

If this is you, great! We’d love to hear from you.

2. Next Steps

Please look at the volunteer team roles here to determine which role you’d like to apply for.

Complete the Volunteer Application Form. Please note that you will need contact details for 2 referees (one of these must be your Minister/Pastor).

3. Acceptance

When we receive your application, we will contact your references and determine your suitability for this role. 

Once an application has been approved, we will contact you via email with instructions to purchase your convention ticket. For volunteers staying on-site, your convention ticket will be at the standard rate and KCC will cover your meals and accommodation. For volunteers staying off-site your convention ticket will be covered by KCC.

If you have any questions about volunteering, or about this process please reach out to our team at oxygen@kcc.org.au.

Oxygen Volunteer Team Roles 

Teams & Responsibilities

AV Team

Main responsibilities: 

Assist the Audio-Visual supplier with tasks allocated including:

1. Camera Operators

2. Lyrics Operators

3. Audio Visual Assistants

4. Stagehands

Happy to follow instructions from our Audio-Visual supplier.

Be willing to undergo any necessary training on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Coffee Cart Team

Main responsibilities: 

Help setup and pack down the coffee cart.

Take orders and process payments.

Prepare or serve hot drinks.

Support coffee cart staff.

Previous experience working in a coffee shop or as a barista is desirable, but not required.

Muscle/Logistics Team 

Main responsibilities: 

Setting up and packing down.

Assistance during the week with other setup and pack down activities such as putting out signage, morning tea and lunch.

Help be a runner for minor tasks that pop up during the week.

Parking Team

Main responsibilities: 

Setup and pack down oval car park area.

Direct people to stop when cars are coming, help them cross the road.

Direct cars and buses to park in sensible places on the KCC oval.

Take note of cars parked illegally around StayKCC.

Be nice to our neighbours.

Pick up litter you see anywhere.

Ushering Team

Main responsibilities: 

Hand out lanyards and pouches to delegates on entry.

Greet delegates in a friendly way and be helpful.

Help with seat drops (if required).

Control the flow of delegates into seats.

Site Hosts (Camping, CMS, Mt Camp, Hartley)   

Main responsibilities: 

Providing access to allocated rooms.  

Ensuring accommodation is kept clean.

Organising groups to do orderlies and supervising to ensure completed.

Communicate with those staying at your accommodation. 

Be available and ready to assist in case of emergency.

Volunteers must be willing to stay at this site to be a site host.

Reach out to us with a question